Experience the sea and the archipelago of Sipoo - less than an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Helsinki!

Relax in the magnificent setting of Seasongi’s gentle embrace! Sauna and hot tub, delicacies and amazing experiences await you!

For companies

Come to meet or relax with your work team in the gentle care of the Finnish archipelago!

Villa Seasong is a refreshingly different and beautiful place to have meetings. The atmospheric sea voyage, the sea view from the windows, the large terrace areas, the cozy sauna facilities and the hot tub create pleasant meeting facilities. In addition, our smaller meeting and sauna building Strand Seasong serves our customers.

The Finnish nature, as well as the versatile recreational services, create first-class facilities for hosting corporate guests as well.


Come relax and enjoy the peace of the Finnish archipelago! Natural sandy beaches, the lush forests of Norrkullalandet and waves racing in the sunshine create a cozy setting for a holiday. The autumn of the archipelago and the Arctic winter also offer peace and unforgettable experiences.


Have an unique experience in the heart of the archipelago! You can travel by ferry in the summer and by hovercraft in the winter.

The extensive island network with its recreational areas and natural sandy beaches invites hikers to come and enjoy their time. In the Sipoo municipality’s recreational area, you also have access to barbecue areas and pine tables, a beach volleyball court and a beautiful hiking trail to a lookout tower. You can even geocache on the island!

Cafe Seasong

Kesäkahvila Café Seasong on saariston helmi.

Kahvipannut kuumenevat kesäisin tarjoten tunnelmallisia kahvihetkiä saaristossa liikkuville veneilijöille ja retkeilijöille. 

Kahvilassa ja sen aurinkoisilla terasseilla nautitaan lohivoileipiä, savulohi- ja kinkkutoasteja sekä suolaisia piirakoita. Lisäksi tarjolla on maistuvia makeita naposteltavia ja virvokkeita. Isompien tapahtumien yhteydessä tarjolla on myös festariannoksia ja kesädrinkkejä.

Vauhdikasta menoa moottoriveneillä!

Tervetuloa seuraamaan moottoriveneiden kyläkisoja Norrkullalandetiin!  Kilpakalentereiden uudehko tulokas Café Seasong Race, sekä jo pitkät perinteet omaava Norrkullaloppet tarjoavat jännittäviä kisatunnelmia kaikenikäisille. Kisapäivinä nautitaan Café Seasongin kahvilapalveluista, festariruoasta ja livemusiikista.

Tule mukaan!

17.6.2023 Cafe Seasong Race
22.7.2023 Norrkullaloppet 

Katso Kuvia Norrkullaloppet 2022 -venekilpailusta

Cafe Seasong

Our summer coffee house, Café Seasong is a gem of the archipelago.

Coffee pots heat up in the summer, offering cozy coffee moments for boaters and hikers traveling in the archipelago.

At the café and its sunny terraces, you can enjoy salmon sandwiches, smoked salmon and ham toasts, and savory pies. In addition, there are tasty sweet snacks and refreshments available. During larger events, festival dishes and summer drinks are also available.

Speedy fun with motor boats!

Welcome to watch the village races of motorboats in Norrkullalandet! The relatively new addition to the racing calendar, Café Seasong Race, and the long-standing tradition of Norrkullaloppet offer exciting race atmospheres for all ages. On race days you can enjoy Café Seasong’s café services, festival food and live music.

Come along!

17.6.2023 Cafe Seasong Race
22.7.2023 Norrkullaloppet 

See photos from Norrkullaloppet 2022 boat race here!