Sipoo Archipelago - Norrkullalandet

Norrkullalandet is a beloved hiking destination. Our island’s beautiful natural sandy beaches, rocky coves and maritime landscapes offer a great setting for hikers. The gentle sandy beaches are especially suitable for families with children; on hot days the sand shallows warm up quickly, offering pleasant conditions for swimming.

From the Sipoo municipality’s recreation area, hikers will find built-in barbecue areas with kelohonka tables, a natural beach volleyball court and a magnificent observation tower that we have implemented together with the municipality of Sipoo. You can also geocache on the island.

The island’s beautiful terrain varies from fresh forest to barren forest. The area is also characterized by boulders and rocky terrain in places. The enchanting environment creates an unforgettable impression and memories of maritime excursions last a long time.

On a hiking day, fresh coffee and ice cream taste good. Our summer café, Café Seasong, offers a nice break. You can also rent sauna and hot tub shifts from our café.