The summer restaurant Café Seasong is the pearl of the Sipoo archipelago

In the restaurant and on its sunny terraces, you can enjoy delicious pizzas, delectable pastries, and a variety of snacks. The menu also features tasty sweet treats and refreshing beverages. During larger events, festival dishes and summer drinks are available.

Our restaurant has a liquor license. At our archipelago location, we host boat races, Midsummer celebrations, swinging band nights, pier dances, and boat season opening and closing parties. The darkening, music-filled archipelago evenings offer atmospheric moments and, above all, enjoyable togetherness.

Open hours:

Fri-Sat 11:00-22:00

Sun-Thu 11:00-21:00

”What a wonderful, natural place! We organized a small wedding, for which Villa Seasong with its cottages offered an intimate and functional setting. The ceremony and especially the photos were successful with a beautiful sea view in the background and the facilities worked smoothly for dining, dancing and overnight stays. Also, transportation and all other arrangements by the provider of the space were very successful and we had help and advice available all the time. A big thank you for a memorable party venue!”

Sauna and hot tub - oh yeah!

Our café has a sauna and hot tub. The sauna can accommodate 10 people and you can relax in the hot tub while admiring the sea and sipping cold drinks offered by the café. We heat the sauna when there are at least 4 sauna-goers.

Sauna 15,00€/person (min. 4 hlö)
Sauna ja palju 30,00€/henkilö (min. 4 hlö)

If you notify us about cancelling in less than 6 hours from the beginning of your booking, we well tariff the price in it’s entirity. The reservation is paid at the café before the booking. Please inform the café at least one hour before your time starts if you are unable to attend.

You can come to our café by boating (LAT N 60°13,94´LON E 25°21,65 ) or Pörtö Linen ferry (